Huanacaxtle Lumber

Huanacaxtle 100% from México.

Huanacaxtle wood is classified as a tropical wood, we find it deep in the Americas within countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, etc. It is characterized by its large size, unique grain and crust, which makes each piece of furniture a unique piece.

In mesquite lumber & flooring we are interested in giving the best to our customers, that is why the Huanacaxtle wood that we offer meets the regulations marked by the law according to the corresponding country. Our sawmill is located in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, ideal tropical zone for the development of the trees.

We have in our inventory unique pieces with natural edge ranging from 6 feet to 14 feet, round pieces with a diameter up to 66 inches, and dimensional wood; All our pieces go through the kiln drying and fumigating process which assures us the quality which we offer to our customers.


Thick: 3 in, 4 in.
Length: 8 ft, 10 ft and 12 ft.
Width: 38 in to 46 in.

Color: medium, natural and dark


Thick: 3 in and 4 in.
Diameter: 50in to 60 in

Color: medium, natural and dark

Kiln Dried Yes
Fumigated Yes
A responsibly organic product Yes